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Opening Times and Facilities

We are continuing our work in skills development and training delivery for the heritage sector

From Monday to Friday, the Engine Shed is open for Historic Environment Scotland staff and students.

The centre currently remains closed to the public while we review our outreach offer.

However, you can still hear from our experts on the Engine Shed’s newsletter, blog and livestreams for property owners.

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Photography and filming

Images, footage or sound recording taken for personal use on a smartphone or small handheld equipment will generally not require permission from Historic Environment Scotland.

Permission will be required if the photography, filming or sound recording:

  • is for public broadcast whether on TV, radio or online
  • is for commercial purposes
  • is for students/school children for educational projects
  • requires excessive equipment, e.g. full-size tripod(s), lighting stand(s), electric cables and/or significant number of crew

The length of time required to plan the activity and issue permissions will vary based on the details and complexity of the proposal, but please allow for at least 10 working days.

You can find more information on our filming guidance and how to apply.

Images and/or footage taken using a UAV (drone) or kite will not be permitted without prior consent. 

Find out about UAV filming.


Find out about car and coach parking.


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