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October 27, 2004

Not since the historic 1777-78 alliance between Massachusetts and Virginia has a northern contingent (John Kerry) sided-up with a southern contingent (John Edwards) to replace a “George” as Commander-in-Chief. Like 2004, the year 1777 was also a time of hostilities and the Adams-Lee Faction steadily worked to bring the leaders of the Continental Congress to the opinion that the safety of the country demanded Horatio Gates replace George Washington as Commander-in-Chief. In that early government it was the Continental Congress and not the people who elected the Commander-in-Chief. John and Samuel Adams contributed powerfully to hostility against George Washington by ridiculing his “Fabian Policy” calling for “a short and violent war” and preaching “ … that the worship of a man amounted to the sin of idolatry which would certainly call down the curse of Heaven”

John Adams exclaimed on the repulse of the British from Delaware River Forts:

Thank God the glory is not immediately due to the Commander-in Chief, or idolatry and adulation would have been so excessive as to endanger our liberties.

As the attacks on Washington mounted the plotters made wild charges of his incompetence. It was asserted that cowardice restrained Washington from driving General Howe out of Philadelphia in 1777 even though he had two to three times more forces than the British. For example, James Lovell the delegate from Massachusetts maintained that Washington marched his army up and down with no other purpose then to wear out their clothing, shoes, and stockings. The facts on this particular case were that General Howe’s foraging parties had greater numbers than Washington ’s entire army encamped in Valley Forge near Philadelphia.

The Board of War scheme to replace George Washington with Horatio Gates fell apart in early 1778 as the conspiracy claims were made public. George Washington, no matter how damaging the truth was, freely acknowledged his military setbacks recounting the facts in an almost monotone manner. George Washington, unlike the great John Adams, was a clumsy orator. He was, however, a leader who surrounded himself with highly intelligent competent patriots who spoke their mind and trusted in Washington’s able decisions.

The reaction of the people to Washington’s candor and straightforwardness left him more strongly entrenched in the minds and hearts of the working man. The public’s affection towards Washington did not “endanger our libertieis” as Adams predicted but rather gave them new support as the people rallied around the Commander-in-Chief. One after another, as the truth came to light, the delegates and generals hastened to disclaim any connection to the scheme now known as the Conway Cabal.

Like George Washington at Yorktown , George Bush is now engaged in a war that for all intents and purposes was "militarily won" in Afghanistan and Iraq when their respective governments collapsed. Like the forefathers of 1781 our military is now expected to keep the peace until the politicians, statesmen, and stateswomen can form representative governments of Iraq and Afghanistan. Unlike the forefathers of 1781 our military is expected to accomplish their mission in a foreign land rife with hatred and mistrust of the United States despite our national intent to replace tyranny with self-government and WITHDRAW. Our military’s sacrifices, today, are no less significant than those George Washington and his fellow patriots made to secure our independence in 1776.

Today, no longer protected by the great oceans the U.S. finds itself in an era of nuclear proliferation and terrorism so vile that it threatens the peace, freedom, and prosperity won and preserved by 11 generations of U.S. Patriots. It has been my earnest hope that it would not take 13 long years, as it did in the United States, to form a political system in Afghanistan and Iraq that could successfully govern. To my surprise the recent elections in Afghanistan have culminated into a representative government years before any reasonable expectations. Meanwhile in Iraq, despite the people being browbeaten by the invasion of radical Islamic terrorists from Syria and Iran, the interim government is boldly moving forward to early 2005 elections. This Muslim road to form their respective republics is a modern day miracle that will surely divide the two terrorist states of Iran and Syria. When completed these two new republics will be hailed as one of the greatest foreign policy successes in United States History.

So now we are faced with a choice, not by our Congress, but by the people through an electoral process that has served our citizens for 215 years. On one hand we have two, a northern and a southern, rhetorician who are learned and practiced in the art of forensic oratory. This is an art of framing all the available means of persuasion to an end convincing the U.S. audience that their case is just and their opponent's is unjust. This is their calling by vocation and how fortunate these lawyers are to be masters of this potent proof of rhetoric in an arena where short sound bites and figures of speech rule the “here today and forgotten tomorrow medium of television.” It is no wonder why the forensic cases of Simpson, Bryant, and Peterson attract such a following as what is just and unjust in HIGH profile crimes is magnetic. In an election there are no arena judges, however, to say "you’re out of order" or that "the evidence is inadmissible" or "your overruled". It is a rhetorical free for all especially for the skilled attorney. Their audiences, therefore, must discern what is fact and what is fabrication. What additional luck for the Kerry-Edwards Faction that times are good and the people are not compelled to research, think and discern what is true and untrue. How the media struggles with communicating the “reality” component of the fabrications forgetting the full definition of a lie is “The nonconformity of the mind to reality with the intent to deceive”.

Now don't get me wrong this rhetorical discourse that the Kerry-Edwards Faction earnestly pursues is most useful because things that are true and things that are just have a natural tendency to prevail over their opposites. Moreover, before many voters not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and people who have closed their minds to this election (which many of us have done), one cannot instruct without an enormous amount of effort. Here, then, Kerry-Edwards has the advantage as being expertly able to learnedly use, as ethos and argument, notions possessed by everybody when dealing with the way to influence their audience. Furthermore Kerry-Edwards are schooled in employing persuasion, just as strict reasoning can be employed, on opposite sides of a question, in order that you and I can see clearly what they maintain the facts are so it may be employed to suit their ends and confound their audience which after all is the aim of any good prosecuting attorney. Hence Kerry’s superior performance in the debates dazzled his audience with his craftily delivered two-sided proofs but confounded his opponent who could not believe what he was hearing.

So here we are a few days before an election with the Kerry-Edwards Faction turning the tables, using parallel structure, climax, onomatopoeia, and a host of other rhetorical tactics "FRESH START" (lets face it the only thing "fresh" about John Kerry is his wife) to confuse and delight the American people. On the other hand we have a plain spoken and sometimes downright verbally clumsy President trying to explain that offense is the best defense, taxes are anti-American, education is a child’s constitutional right and freedom in the Middle and Far East is not a four letter word.

George W. Bush understands George Washington’s parting advice to the American people “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace” The Kerry-Edwards Faction spent their political careers undermining that foundational U.S. Philosophy. George W. Bush knows the path to future prosperity is inexpensive and inexhaustible new energy sources. The Kerry-Edwards Faction has spent the 2nd millennium filibustering George W. Bush’s energy plan. George W. Bush respects innocent life and understands that many women of the 70’s and 80’s are now struggling psychologically with past death choices due to the ease and cavalier acceptance of abortion on demand. John Kerry, despite espousing his Catholic Faith at every Life vs. Choice opportunity, has 100% pro-choice voting record including a NO on banning partial birth abortions in October 1999.

John Kerry, more so then any other vote, demonstrated to my family that he is the last man we need as Commander-in-Chief in Times of Terror when he voted NO on $86.5 billion for military operations in Iraq & Afghanistan to sure up his campaign to offset Howard Dean’s anti-war rising star. Even here, Kerry tries to confound his audience stating the NO vote was against wanton spending and poor planning. The truth is obvious to any non-partisan human being and is proof positive that he is not a man of conviction when it comes to the military which is a fatal flaw for someone who seeks the office of Commander-in-Chief.

Unlike our current President, the God of Abraham has not enveloped my being with a sense of purpose. Many people in my position spiritually feel quite uncomfortable when someone maintains that God has “spoken to me”, “shown me the light”, or “revealed his mission to me. Moreover, isn’t this the same God our enemies point to when calling for Jihad or "holy war?" Perhaps this is why so many of us feel uncomfortable with President Bush’s strong Christian Faith and prayer convictions.

To put all you fellow skeptics at ease, the historical record clearly states that Christian religion was paramount in the minds of our nation’s founders when they formed this "Perpetual Union." In fact the amount of time that the Continental Congress and the United States in Congress Assembled spent on resolutions and proclamations encouraging the practice of the Judeo-Christian religion in birthing the United States is quite remarkable. Although the Articles of Association and later the Confederation Constitution did not officially sanction Congress to concern itself with religion, the 18th Century war torn citizenry did not object. Clearly the record shows that 18th Century Americans encouraged and mostly embraced such Christian activities, resolutions and proclamations. The public considered it appropriate for the confederation government to ardently promote a nondenominational Judeo-Christianity. Men like (CLICK to see their proclamations) John Hancock, John Jay, Henry Laurens, Peyton Randolph, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, John Hanson, Benjamin Franklin, and even John Adams purported a special relationship, much like George W. Bush, with their common Christian God. Clearly, the faith George W. Bush uses as his moral compass is the same spiritual philosophy that has served the United States of America well for 228 years. Personally, I can’t even comprehend the workings of a simple mammal mind. Therefore, I am most hesitant to question the revelations of an infinite intelligence on George W. Bush or any person who has proven them self as a human being of intelligence, character and good will.

I personally believe, as a presidential historian and the man who was given the distinct honor to keynote the re-entombment of President Samuel Huntington, that George W. Bush is one of our nation’s most remarkable and gifted U.S. Presidents.

Please, on November 2nd cast your vote for George Bush.

Stanley L. Klos


PS. Our founders would applaud this philosophy:

Creating Opportunity for America 's Workers

Bush Family Christmas Card
Bush Family Christmas Card - Click to Enlarge
Courtesy of my Friend Knox McConnell

Three years. Three tax cuts. An economic recovery—American ingenuity—unleashed. At a critical moment in the Nation’s economic history, while a recession was taking hold, America was attacked, and corporate fraud was exposed. In response to these challenges, the President acted decisively to strengthen the economy and create jobs. The President’s leadership resulted in Congress returning taxpayer money to the families, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors who earned it.

In his second term, President Bush will focus on building a more prosperous, competitive economy that will continue to be a strong engine for jobs and prosperity for years to come. The essential elements of his plan include: taking the next bold steps in reforming education; building a skilled and effective workforce; encouraging a pro-growth, fair, and simpler tax system; promoting research and development in both the public and private sectors; opening markets for American goods around the globe; meeting our energy needs and lessening our energy dependence; reducing the regulatory burden; and reforming Government to be smaller and more efficient, responsive, and effective. President Bush is committed to making sure America has the best prepared, best educated, and highest skilled workforce in the world.

  • Jobs for the 21st Century Initiative: President Bush will provide $500 million for Jobs for the 21st Century, which will help educate and train high-skilled American workers in schools and community colleges.
  • Tax Reform: President Bush will work to make the tax code simpler for taxpayers, encourage saving and investment, and improve the economy’s ability to create jobs and raise wages.
  • Promote Comp-Time and Flex-Time: President Bush will work to enable employees to choose paid time off as an alternative to overtime pay and to give employees the option of shifting work hours during a pay period.
  • Homeownership: President Bush will provide assistance to help America to meet his new goal of creating 7 million new, affordable homes in 10 years.
  • Help Small Businesses: President Bush will help small businesses in a number of ways, including by allowing them to band together to provide more affordable health care for their employees through Association Health Plans.
  • Read the President's plan for creating opportunity for America's workers.

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