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Our General Knowledge quiz nights run to a tried and tested formula that has survived the test of time – and it’s copyright! We have six rounds of ten questions each. The first round is always Current Affairs, the final one is always music-based and we always have one Pot Luck round – the rest are changed each week. Contestants can play a joker on one round which doubles the score – BUT you have to play your joker BEFORE the round starts! In between each round we have music which is tailored to our audience, and we can even offer games of Lucky Numbers where even the most “challenged” contestant has a chance of winning something! Topics we cover regularly include World History, Sports and Leisure, Arts and Entertainment and even Science and Technology. At our regular quiz nights we also have a Mystery Voice Challenge – the prize pot accumulates for each week the voice remains unidentified.

Here’s a list of some of the rounds we do – some are sub-categories of others, and you get the opportunity to choose the rounds we include each week

Current Affairs Pot Luck Arts & Ents On the Box Sports & Pastimes Politics, Religion & Sex
The 1950s n a Word Crime & Punishment Around the World Living in the Past Who’s Who
The 1960s Pot Luck The Natural World The World About Us (geology) Listen & Win What’s What
The 1970s Science and Discovery Block-busters The Pop-a-Gram Soap Suds The War Years
The 1980s Food and Drink The War Years Hits & Headlines The Animal Kingdom The Silver Screen
The 1990s Hobbies & Leisure A Good Read World Records Music from the Movies The Human Body


Similar to the General Knowledge quiz nights, except we have five rounds of ten questions each, based on music through the decades and finishing with Bits and Pieces – 10 pieces of music where you have to identify either the artist, title, show or film (we’ll tell you when the round starts). You still have a Joker available to play, and that will double the score of the round you choose to play it on – as with the General Knowledge quiz though, you have to pick a round BEFORE it starts!