Solid Gold Sunday

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Join me every Sunday evening on Drystone Radio 103.5fm between 7 and 10 for Solid Gold Sunday. You can also find us on-line by visiting the station websiteĀ atĀ www.drystoneradio.comĀ and thereā€™s a podcast of the show too, if you canā€™t make Sunday evening.

The show is split into 3 sections ā€“ Hour 1 (7-8pm) is Classic Gold Pop, Hour 2 is Soft Rock, and the final hour (9-10pm) is the Sloppy Bit ā€“ an hour of relaxing, laid-back tracks to round off the weekend.

Each week we have a different theme, and our listeners get to choose the tracks by joining us on our Facebook page ā€“Ā Solid Gold Sunday with James Wilson.

And donā€™t forget the TEXTLINE* ā€“ 01282 579464 ā€“ your first word (the keyword) MUST beĀ solidgold then type in your suggestion, and donā€™t forget your name too! As the name suggests, all of the music is Solid Gold and has to be at least 20 years old to get on the playlist. (*Don?t worry ? although it looks like a geographic number, it really IS the Textline!)

Using the entry form (below), as well as suggesting tracks once the theme has been announced, you can also put forward ideas for themes in the future ā€“ and at the same time you could also suggest some tracks to go with the theme.

And this weekā€™s theme?

Girls and boys names (17/05/15).

SGS Crew in Skipton 2010 -019